Dedal-552 NEW!!!

from 4770 €

D-552 DEP-0 (II+ com.grade) – 4770 EUR NEW!!

D-552 DEP-0 ONYX (white phosphor technology) – 5280 EUR  NEW!!!

D-552 XR-5 (II+ super gen.) – 7170 EUR  NEW!!!

D-552 XR-5 ONYX (white phosphor technology) – 8610 EUR   NEW!!!

D-552 DK2  (III Gen.) – 5490 EUR    NEW!!!

D-552 DK3  (III Gen.) – 6600 EUR NEW!!!

D-552 DK3 ONYX (III Gen.) – 6900 EUR NEW!!!


Dedal-552 is night sight attachments which could be installed in front of day riflescope objective or other optical device (the field-glass, a telescope, photo/video equipment). Dedal-NV attachments have small weight, that allows fix them directly on day riflescope objective (field-glass) through a transitional ring or on the provided mounts (usually Weaver standard). Night attachments using scheme provides the best quality of the image, big range of detection and recognition, than use of universal devices day/night and night devices behind an eyepiece of a day sight. Dedal-552 objective has a big exit pupil (34mm) that provides at the same weight and dimension, as in Dedal-542 working possibility with bigger magnification of day sights.


Multifunctionality: use with a daytime binoculars, photo / video equipment and the day rifle scope

+ Installed night vision riflescope attachments in front of a daytime riflescope do not affect the latter’s zeroing

+ Keep all tactical capacities of a day riflescope intact

+ Gen II+, III or XR-5 image intensifier tube+ Specially designed night time fast optics

+ Brightness control (option)

+ The inner objective focusing (from 10m to infinity)

High quality image within the entire field of view

+ Built-in high-power eye-safe IR illuminator

+ Waterproof

+ Compact

+ Lightweight

Technical characteristics :

Magnification, х


Field of view, degree 8.8

78mm F/1.5, T/1.6

Objective focusing, m

from 10 to infinity

Admitted daytime riflescope (or monocular) magnification 1-24

Recommended daytime rifle scope (or monocular) magnification

Weight, kg 0.65
Type (Gen.)

II+, XR-5, III

Power source – battery type CR123A

1 pc

Power supply, V


Battery life, h

min. 60

Overall dimensions, mm


Photocathode sensitivity (µA/Lm)


Resolution (lp/mm) 57-64
Operation temperature range

-40 up to +50°C

Additional accsessoaries:

+ AD540 (30…62) Adapters for installation on day riflescope (Ø 30-62 mm)

+ Rubber for D-541, D-542, D-543

+ Objective 2x magnification for D-541, D-542, D-543

+ Remote control (RC-01)

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